used table tennis rubber JOOLA ENERGY X-TRA W148mm x H153mm


W148mm H153mm black 2.0mm excellent condition, used only a few monthssome damage to the edge without affecting the quality of the game see in the picture, sponge soiled with adhesive see in the picture, rubber comes from German table tennis club, new costs £49 JOOLA Energy X-tra Table Tennis Rubber. The discovery of the decade – one of our customers said to us ‘you can do almost anything with this rubber’ – we agree. Designed for former speed glue players, who play a controlled, attacking game, and demand best feeling and enhanced spin. The rubber has good ‘arc’ and fabulous feeling at the net – the GREEN POWER feel is in-built but the grippy surface on a mid-soft 37.5° sponge produces a medium throw trajectory with high speed and excellent spin and control. Ideal for a fierce counter spinning / loop killing game, and ‘away’ from the table’ strategy.

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Last year we introduced the highly successful JOOLA Energy rubber to the world. Today, we uncover JOOLA’s newest Energy Rubber. Introducing JOOLA Energy X-tra! The 37.5° soft sponge with the built in speed glue effect provides for even more spin and speed. It is especially suited for players who put emphasis on stroke control without the need of speed glue.

Green Power – incorporated speed glueing effect

Green Power is a rubber technology, where performance achieved from fresh gluing is already incorporated into the rubber. Bounce, feeling and the sound of fresh gluing are noticeable features of this new product.

Feel the speed gluing effect minus the speed glue!

Sponge is 37.5° Soft


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