Abrefa advises Sportsmen ahead of the election

Abrefa advises Sportsmen ahead of election

Derek Abrefa - Six Time Table Tennis SWAG Award winner

The elections are here once again and it is the responsibility and right of every citizen including athletes to vote.

GH Table Tennis caught up with Derek Abrefa Ghana’s ace Table Tennis Player and  2019 African Games general team captain to share his thoughts about the upcoming elections and this is what he had to say. 

“I urged all sportsmen and women to vote in their numbers. It is the civil responsibility of every Ghanaian, and as a matter of fact, all athletes.

I, therefore, urge top sports athletes who have great influence in their various homes, organizations, and communities to use their influence as sports icons to affect the 2020 general elections positively.

The coronavirus has not left us entirely. As athletes, let us continue to observe the covid-19 safety protocols as we step out on election day to vote.

I express gratitude to the Sports Ministry for the YEA financial package to Sportsmen and Women Nationwide.

Also, I would like to thank  the GOC and the GTTA for ensuring the safety of athletes across the country during these uncertain times.

Furthermore, I would wish to thank the Ghana Immigration Service for the continued support”

We at GH Table Tennis wishes to urge all Ghanaians who have registered to vote, to perform their civic responsibility and to ensure not to take part in any electoral violence.