Robert Hammond - Photo by Lord Kinful

Eid Mubarak, brought an end to all forms of bragging on the Ghana Veterans Table Tennis Association watsup platform.

The day was scheduled for the second Veteran Championship of the year. Players from every part of the country registered to take part, amongst them was the reigning champion Robert Hammond a.k.a Bobey


Robert Hammond and Kwaku Gyampo - Photo by Kofi Larbi

The venue for the ultimate was the Hathiramani Sports Hall at Accra Sports Stadium. The veterans who are players mainly forty years and above were organized into groups, with the first two qualifying for the round of 16.

At the round of 16 Robert Hammond plays against Lawyer Christopher King, a solicitor and owner of Kings Law Consult, whom he dispatched by three games to one (3 : 1). It was an eventful match in which his opponent tried every technique known in the books of table tennis only to succumb to the top spins of Robert Hammond.

 The tournament entered into crucial stages in the round of 8 players, were Robert Hammond plays against Richard Layea the proprietor of Ransom Education Centre located in Mamprobi. The game was closely contested with Robert Hammond coming on top with a three game to two result ( 3 : 2 ).

 At the semifinal Robert Hammond plays against James Aryee, a consistent player who, uses an anti spin rubber on his forehand and backhand. The players exhausted all five games with Robert Hammond coming on top once again, edging James Aryee out by three games to two ( 3 : 2 ).


The stage was set for the title decider, Kwaku Gyampo a feared anti spin veteran player was Robert Hammonds opponent. Kwaku Gyampo defeated Justice Ninson by three games to one (3 : 1), Samuel Dei by three games to one ( 3 : 1 ) and Van Pee by three games to zero ( 3 : 0 ). Spectators and players alike could not determine the eventual winner on the day until both players play. The Hathiramani Sports Hall was charged for the great match until the unfortunate announcement was made.

Kwaku Gyampo had to retire due to a back injury sustained as a result of several matches played on the day. We at GH. Table Tennis wish Kweku Gyampo a speedy recovery and to congratulate Robert Hammond for retaining his Veterans Title.