Decathlon Table Tennis Championship

Players, Coaches and Decathlon Official Ready for Cadet boys Final (Photo - Lord Kinful)

Decathlon a global brand in sports equipment and sports wear with presence in 50 plus countries and about 1200 stores world wide, remained true to it’s vision when it’s store in Junction Mall located in Nungua a suburb in the capital city of Ghana Accra organised it’s maiden table tennis championship on Saturday 24th August 2019. 

The tournament was organised by Decathlon in their store located in Junction Mall, to promote table tennis tennis in Ghana. The operations manager Oscar indicated, as long as Decathlon remains in Ghana, sports would be alive.

Asoba foundation, a foundation geared towards the promotion of education and sports among cadets in Ghana founded and headed by Nathaniel Somuah and ably assisted by Dora Sarpong was the team which faced off with Decathlon cadet team coached by Enoch Nii Otu.

Both teams presented their male and female cadet players for the tournament which did not seize to wow spectators, and shoppers who have come to Decathlon. The competition was fierce, with Decathlon determined to host and win the male and female cadet divisions. 

At the end the spoils where shared evenly with Asoba foundation wining the female cadet division and Decathlon wining the male cadet division.

Prince Yeboah
Prince Yeboah - Winner of maiden Decathlon Table Tennis Championship (Photo Lord Kinful)

The aim of the tournament was to unearth talents and at the end a start was born. Prince Yeboah a cadet player from Decathlon emerged as the winner in the boys division. 

Prince Yeboah played Samson Innocent in the semi final, in which he won the best of three encounter by two games to one (2:1). It was a game which saw the display of wits from Samson Innocent, however met with a superior skill and aggression from Prince Yeboah. 

The final match saw Prince Yeboah triumph once again, when he won by three games to two (3:2) in a best of five encounter against Godsway Innocent.

The encounter saw both players dominate at various stages of the match. At the end the players had to play all five games for a winner to be determined.

Godsway Innocent - 2n - Runner up (Photo Lord Kinful)

Godsway Innocent of Asoba foundation exhibited the desire to emerge a champion when he played Micheal Yeboah of Decathlon in the semi final. 

Godsway won by two games to zero (2:0), to assure him a place in the final against  Prince Yeboah of Decathlon. Prince Yeboah started the final match strongly by leading by five points, however Godsway fought his way into the first game and won by twelve points to ten (12 : 10).

The second game went in favour of Prince Yeboah, who showed an improved performance by holding on to his lead to win at eleven points to five (11 : 5). 

Yeboah won the third game by eleven points to seven (11 : 7), however Godsway Innocent fought back in the fourth to win it at  twelve points to ten (12 : 10).

The fierce competition continued in the fifth and final game with Godsway Innocent serving for the game at ten points to eight (10 : 8), however the could not control his nerve, and could not convert on his serve. 

Prince Yeboah capitalised on the slip by Godsway to win the maiden Decathlon table tennis championship by fourteen points to twelve in the fifth (14: 12). 

Samson Innocent - 3rd - 2nd runner up (Photo Lord Kinful)

Samson Innocent of Asoba foundation played Prince Yeboah of Decathlon, at the semi final stage in which he lost by two games to one (2:1). 

Samson showed the ability to think and adjust his tactics during the match, however Prince Yeboah was too strong on the day, providing Yeboah the opportunity to play Godsway Innocent the senior brother of Samson. 

Micheal Yeboah - 4th - 3rd runner up (Photo Lord Kinful)

Micheal Yeboah of Decathlon, played Godsway Innocent in the second semifinal match, which he lost by two games to zero (2 : 0). 

Micheal played an excellent game, urged on by his team mates and funds and shoppers who have come to witness. However it was a day meant to be carried by Godsway Innocent.

Dr. Brookman Presents winners trophy to Prince Yeboah (Photo by Lord Kinful)

Decathlon promised to continue to support sports in the country and urged the media to join them on world clean up day 21 September 2019 in their clean up activity of three locations in the capital city namely Coco Beach at Nungua, Nima and East Legon, for sports can only be played in a clean environment.

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