Preliminary Round 1 Quotes

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Jang SEONGIL (KOR) after beating Akinwale FAGBAMILA (NGR) 3-1 in the Qualifying Round One of men’s singles 
I was a bit nervous initially but I later get used to the game and everything seems fine for me in the match 

PARK Gyuhyeon (KOR) after beating Manush Utpalbhai SHAH (IND) 3-0 in the Qualifying Round One of Men’s Singles 
I am glad I won today. I was initially nervous being my first match of the competition. But I was able to overcome the fright.  

Felix LARTEY (GHA) after losing 3-0 to PENG Wang-Wei (TPE) in the Qualifying Round One of Men’s Singles 
The match was quite good and I am happy coming back to Nigeria because we don’t have this kind of tournament in Africa. I am grateful for the chance to play because Nigeria is experienced when it comes to staging a top-class event. I played quite well but you cannot win all time and I hope to return to training to correct my mistakes. 

Peter HRIBAR (SLO) after beating Joshua OLADIRAN (NGR) 3-2 in the Qualifying Round One of Men’s Singles 
It’s my first time here in Lagos and it’s a bit hot than what I’m used to. It’s my first time in West Africa and it is hotter than I expected and I am still adapting. Circumstances are different from what I’m used to in Europe but I managed to win my first match and I hope I can win more matches. I must say this is a good feeling winning otherwise I could pack my things and go back home but I’m still alive in the tournament. So I’m looking forward to playing some more or better even and winning some medals. 
Rilwan AKANBI (NGR) after beating Adebowale AKINYEMI (NGR) 3-0 in the Qualifying Round One of Men’s Singles 

I’m excited to win my first match because I was prepared for the match and I am really looking forward to playing my next opponent in the tournament.  

Martin ANDERS (DEN) after beating James MARFO (GHA) 3-0 in the qualifying round one of men’s singles 
It’s my first time in Africa. Being in Lagos is a little bit more humid than I am used to. And I feel like the people are happy and are very nice. 
I am happy to win my first match because the first match is not always easy. I am satisfied going into the second match. I just hope to play well and somehow find my game. And if the results come, then it comes but, so let’s see. 


Day 1 results

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