Day 2 (Round of 16) – 16 Jun 

Flash Quotes

GROTH Jonathan (DEN) after beating YUAN Licen (CHN) 3-2 in Round of 16 of Men’s Singles 

I’m very happy with this performance for sure. I have played very well here so far in Lagos. The locals are supporting me and it’s great to feel the fans. You can feel there is a community for table tennis here in Lagos.  

It’s nice and everybody has been very friendly to me and always gives big support and so it’s nice. 

PAVADE Prithika (FRA) after beating LEE Eunhye (KOR) in the Round of 16 of Women’s Singles 

I’m super happy for my victory today against a very tough opponent. The atmosphere was great, and I feel that all the Nigerian people are behind me, so it’s a big strength to play in front of many people who are cheering for you. I thank all of them, I really appreciate it, and I hope it’s going to be the same in the next match.

BERGSTROM Linda (SWE) after beating Archana Girish KAMATH (IND) 3-1 in Round of 16 of Women’s Singles 

It’s been very nice so far and fun to see a new part of Africa. The food and transport have been good; it’s fun to see a new culture and a new way of life like it is here with crazy traffic. All the stuff, it’s a great experience to be here. I like the venue and on Thursday when one of the Nigerian players played, it was a very good atmosphere, and they were cheering very loudly.  

I’m very happy that I was able to win this tough match. It is very hot here in the hall and very humid.  

It takes a lot of energy to play, but I’m very happy that I could win this match and get to play tomorrow as well. 


SHIN Yubin (KOR) after beating Tatiana KUKULKOVA (SVK) 3-0 in the Round of 16 in the Women’s Singles 

I’m happy to be in Nigeria. People are very happy and dancing, and people support table tennis in Nigeria. I played very well in Nigeria.   

CHUANG Chih-Yuan (TPE) after beating Cedric NUYTINCK (BEL) 3-0 in Round of 16 of the Men’s Singles 

Being my first time in Lagos, it is very interesting for me. It’s new and everything was interesting. Today’s match, I lost against him last time at the world championship, and I won, so I’m very happy it was not so easy but I’m happy I won.

DESAI Harmeet (IND) after beating JANG Woojin (KOR) 3-0 in Round of 16 of the Men’s Singles 

It was quite a good match today against JANG Woojin. I know he is a very tough opponent, and this is the second time I’m playing against him.  

I had my ideas and strategies that I would try to put pressure on from the very first ball. I am happy because I’ve been quite lucky in Nigeria. This is the first time I’m playing quarterfinals in the WTT Contender, and I’ve been lucky in Lagos, and I hope I can continue my form in this tournament to go further.  

I hope that the crowd will keep on cheering and supporting me because they did it in this match and in previous matches as well so I’m happy and I would like to continue the way I’ve been doing. 

OVTCHAROV Dimitrij (GER) after beating LIANG Yanning (CHN) 3-1 in Round of 16 of the Men’s Singles  

Being my first time here in Nigeria and a good friend of mine, Quadri Aruna who is a Nigerian told me a lot of good things about the country. I’m really enjoying my time here. The spectators treat me like a home player. I feel really welcome here. I have played great table tennis so far, and I’m happy with my performance against LIANG Yanning.  

I’m looking forward to my quarter-final match against CHUANG Chih-Yuan tomorrow. 

 FRANZISKA Patrick (GER) after beating KAO Cheng-Jui (TPE) 3-2 in Round of 16 of the Men’s Singles  

I’m very happy to be in the quarterfinals. It was a great fight, I’m not familiar with this heat here and the wet air but I was fighting till the end and of course, it’s amazing to see the fans in the hall, they are so loud and so enthusiastic, I mean they cheer me up all the time since day one. 

It’s my first time here in Nigeria, but it’s amazing to see the huge love they have for the sport for sure.  

I am so proud of it. It’s great to see, and hopefully, many of them will continue to play table tennis and we will see them in some years also in this tournament.

BALAZOVA Barbora (SVK) after beating Sibel ALTINKAYA (TUR) 3-0 in Round of 16 of the Women’s Singles 

After my match from the last 16 that I won and I’m in the quarterfinals, I am very relieved and happy that I’m still in the tournament. 

Today, we already played mixed doubles which we lost to China, and then one and half hours ago, we lost doubles also against China in a very close match.  

It was a tough day (yesterday and today), to play a lot and it is hot in the hall I think in this match I managed to play really well tactically and the condition is a bit wetter here, so I think I managed to do better than my opponent so I’m very relieved. 

It’s my second time in Nigeria and in Lagos, I really enjoyed it here, the atmosphere is amazing with people and the hall is full of people watching and supporting every one of us. So, I absolutely love it and I hope that there will be more tournaments in Lagos. 

NAYEONG Kim (KOR) after beating Hana GODA (EGY) 3-1 in Round of 16 of the Women’s Singles 

This is my first time in Africa, and I’m happy. Today’s game was against Hana Goda, a top player, I was initially nervous, and I’m happy now that I won. 


Source: ITTF Media

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