Gyampo, Aboagye, and Kinful emerge victorious at the 2023 GTTA Masters, Seniors, and Celebs Challenge

The Trust Sports Emporium in Accra – Ghana also known as the Bukom Square was the grounds for yet another exciting table tennis tournament dubbed GTTA Masters, Seniors, and Celebs Challenge which comprised of players above the ages of forty and organized by the Ghana Table Tennis Federation on Friday 4th August 2023.

Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu, who is the chairman of the federation indicated that the tournament was a fun game aimed at attracting table tennis lovers across the country.

The players were categorized based on age. The players competed within the following age brackets:

  • Forty to Forty-Nine Years
  • Fifty to Fifty-Nine Years
  • Sixty Years and above
Lord Kinful - 40 - 49 Champion

The forty to forty-nine category was worn by Lord Kinful after he defeated Reuben C.P. Okine by three games to one (3:1). 
Lord Kinful got to the final by defeating Justice Nkrumah Ninson by three games to two (3:2). The encounter could have gone either way as the momentum of the game swung between the players.
Rueben Okine also got to the final by defeating Emmanuel Daitey by three games to one (3:1).

The final match saw Reuben winning the first game, which brought doubts into the game of Lord as he has lost two times in a row against Reuben. Through the coaching of David Ashong and Richard Ofori, Lord Kinful rallied to win three straight games making him the champion of the 40 – 49 age category. 

In an interview, Lord Kinful indicated that :

“I was motivated when I saw the display of the giant trophy and relished lifting it should I up my game. Also, I did not want to let my teaming supporters down as I could hear their screams each time I won a point”

 Rueben on the other hand indicated that :

“I had a momentary lapse in concentration which gave Lord the opportunity to win the third game after I had led by seven points to 1 (7: 1). The loss in the third made the contest a lot more difficult. However, I promise to bounce back.”

Chief Inspector Aboagye - 50-59 Champion

Chief Inspector Aboagye of the Ghana Police emerged as the winner of the fifty to fifty-nine age category. 

He played an incredible semi-final against Mr. Leonard Vanderpuye-Orgle which he won by three games to one (3:1). The win took him to the final to face a resolute opponent by the name of Mr. Jason Onyameh who defeated ADO Ashitey Armah in the semi-finals by three games to two (3 : 2).

The final saw two players who know each others game so well competing for the coveted crown. In the end, Chief Inspector Aboagye emerged as the winner by three games to two (3: 2).

Mr. Kwaku Gyampo winner of 60 and above (Third from left)

Mr. Kwaku Gyampo won the sixty and above category after defeating Mr. Richard Laryea in an exciting final match.

The Chairman of the Ghana Table Tennis Federation expressed his gratitude to the management of the Trust Emporium for partnering to ensure the competition was a success. He expressed his desire in organising the event every three months.

1 Comment on “Gyampo, Aboagye, and Kinful emerge victorious at the 2023 GTTA Masters, Seniors, and Celebs Challenge

  1. A beautiful event, deservingly won by the champs of the various age brackets.

    Congratulations to Mr Kwaku Gyampo, Chief Inspector Aboagye and Lord Kingful.

    Kudos to GTTA for putting this together and to all other stakeholders who made it happen!!!

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